Friday, 22 January 2016

Creative Technologies Masters

The 2015-6 Creative Technologies postgraduate students are now in their second semester and beginning to formalise their project ideas following an exciting first semester.  Let them introduce themselves...

Richard Cook

I come from a Fine Art background in portraits and portrait painting where I combine spray paint with traditional portraiture in a gallery setting. My last exhibition was at the Bargehouse, Southbank in London 2015. I have experience in the commercial art industry through running my own small company specialising in bespoke murals for domestic and business clients. Through my Creative Technologies postgrad I am currently focussing on how to use 3D software and how to market products and experiences. 

Joshua Jones

I graduated with a first in Video Game Technology at DMU - video games have been a large part of my life and I have been making my own content for them since 2002, with some of my work being published in the UK’s largest PC gaming magazine, PC Gamer. Since graduating I have focused more on becoming a full stack web developer. My first professional project was to design and develop an ecommerce website for a company.  I'm currently developing my portfolio to include a range of exciting web-based work.

Madhu Mani

I come from a computing background and have worked in interactive TV, Video on Demand and content management systems, including the BBC’s red button.  I have worked as senior Java developer, predominantly using Opensource technologies.  I am also a visual artist, creating drawings and illustrations. Having lived in Britain for many years I was born and raised in India and my artistic work reflects on a world left behind to adopt to a new world, within the framework of memories and thoughts.  Through Creative technologies, I am hoping to combine my passion for art with my background in technology.

Anna Toal

After obtaining my first degree in Music at Bretton Hall College,Yorkshire, I then obtained a distinction in a Diploma in Knitwear Design at Loughborough College of Art and Design. Sponsored by The Prince's Trust, I successfully ran my own Knitwear company before going into Teaching. Having had career breaks to raise three children, I find myself a digital immigrant in an unfamiliar technological world. I am interested to explore how my life's experiences, love of art, and admiration (yet slight fear) of technology, can be brought together.

Jason Boomer

I discovered machinima while at college, and my desire to pursue this led to me studying BSc Computer Games Technology at Portsmouth University. During this time, I began hosting gaming events, eventually leading to the foundation of SideFest Ltd, my event organising business.  With a newly formed company, I decided to develop a programme of diverse and engaging events with a strong community and social responsibility focus, and in early 2015 I debuted Creat-A-Con, an event which aimed to engage members of the public with new and emerging technology.

During the planning of this event, I became a S.T.E.M. Ambassador with STEMnet, promoting Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics to young people, an objective with which Creat-A-Con is perfectly aligned. This event, sponsored by DMU Square Mile, had over 500 attendees from a range of schools and clubs in the Leicester area, and plans are underway to bring this event to a geographically and demographically broader audience.

With over a decade of experience in gaming and technology events, I was invited to participate on the MA/MSc Creative Technologies at De Montfort University, which has enabled me to focus on machinima, and on top of introducing new events through SideFest, I aim to establish an organisation to further develop machinima as an art form.

During and following college and university, I have held a number of work placements at various games companies, including Lionhead Studios, Muckyfoot Productions, BossaStudios, and 22 Cans, and in 2016 I will be pursuing a placement with Kalypso Media Digital.To date, SideFest has been supported by O2 Think Big, National Lottery, Legacy Trust, DMU Square Mile, Kalypso Media Digital, Cyber Candy Ltd, Insert Coin Clothing, Somewhereto_, and more. 

Contact info;

Website coming soon.

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

IOCT Practice Based Research Talk Series 2016 - Jorge Ramos

Jorge Ramos (ZU-UK) - 27th JAN 2016, Interact Labs, Phoenix Square 6-8pm

Jorge Ramos (ZU-UK) talks about his work with creative technologies and how he deals with experimentation and research in his practice.  

Jorge Lopes Ramos works as joint AD/CEO of ZU-UK (London, since 2010), GAS Station (London, since 2015) and as Senior Lecturer at University of East London (since 2009). Jorge has recently completed a PhD by practice on Immersive Theatre.  His artistic work has won awards and nominations in the fields of interactive theatre, hybrid art and artform innovation.  His most acclaimed project, Hotel Medea, was the highest rated event by both public and press, becoming the standout hit of Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2011, presented also at LIFT2010 and Hayward Gallery in 2012. With ZU-UK, Jorge programmed live and digital festivals, created a telematic exhibition for the Olympics 2012, the World Cup 2014, Olympic Park in 2015 and coached emerging artists in over 10 countries since 2006. Jorge is currently developing an international network of creative LABS, including TAG Montreal, RedBull Station São Paulo and Festivals In Transition (13 European Festivals).

This talk is aimed at researchers, research students and undergraduates considering postgraduate study, so please forward to anyone you think might be interested in attending.  Tickets are free but must be pre-booked here;

Friday, 8 January 2016

Practice Based Research Seminar Day

Practice Based Research Seminar Day
Weds 20th Jan, 9am-3pm
Innovation Centre, De Montfort University

On Weds 20th Jan 2016, the IOCT will be running the second of four Seminar Days for doctoral students undertaking Practice Based Research. The programme has been designed by a diverse group of practitioners from across disciplines in sciences, arts and technologies and will give a comprehensive overview of different approaches to combining theory and practice. 

As well as offering the opportunity to meet other practice based researchers, the day will include the covering ethics for human participants in research (delivered by Tracy Harwood) and the relationship between practice and theory (delivered by Kerry Franksen).
Tracy Harwood
Kerry Franksen

There will also be student papers from current practice-based PhD students.

For further details and to book a place, click here