Tuesday, 17 May 2011

The Third Woman in New York


The Third Woman film-game explores the theme of pervasive global threats of bio-engineered terrorism in the 21st Century. Participants interact with the film by voting on choices based on moral and emotional perspectives embedded in the film.

An interactive Mobile Video Game using sensing (via QR codes) on phones capable of using barcode reading software. Text options are sent after scanning. Choosing one causes film materials to be sent to participants’ mobile phones and also casts a communal votes for a large screen selection. Photographing a QR barcode on a costume automatically downloads a text and when selected, a video clip presents thematic content by progressively revealing the chosen layers of a multipath contemporary film drama.


The Model-Performers, The Algorithmics, wear interactive costumes printed with QR-code images. They weave in algorithmic patterns across the stage, freezing in poses to trigger instructional visuals. Spilling off stage into the audience, the performers invite people to play the film-game and create new versions of the film determined by communal voting. Participants playing the game become part of The Third Woman Interactive Performance.

Models mingled with the audience to enable the scanning of QR codes on costumes. These released text options which allowed the previewing of multiple versions of the same scene on smartphones.

The coherence of the experience depended on a user successfully choosing from the texts delivered to their smartphone. There are nine options possible at each choice point. Choosing one allowed a user to review a version of a film scene on their smartphone.

The main screen counts down during the scanning process and morphs a QR code image into a film-related image and displays the texts as they are selected by the audience. The selection of a text automatically cast an audience vote for the most popular scene version to be played on a larger cinema screen in the venue. In such a way the audience constructed the choice of scenes which are shown as a completed film at the session end.

The Third Woman interactive Performance & film-game was held at Galapagos Arts venue in Dumbo Brooklyn New York on 8th May 2011


Homage to Graham Greene
Film clip "THE THIRD MAN" (Carol Reed 1949) by CANAL+IMAGE UK LTD

Nita Tandon for the idea of “Vienna Underground”
Anna Dumitriu for the idea of “Miazma”
Eeva Kaipainen for “Virus-Art”

Aalto University, Research group aivo AALTO, Helsinki, Finland
Aalto University, Department of Media, Medialaboratory, Helsinki, Finland
Arts Council of Finland
AVEK / The Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture, Finland
Bath University Computer Science, UK
NY Art Projects LLC
Södertörn University, Department of Media Technology, Sweden
University of Applied Arts, Vienna, Austria

OBLOMOVIES OY in association with IOCT / FUSE MEDIA/ De Montfort University, UK © 2009

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