Saturday, 11 September 2010

Inside Out at Phoenix Square

Inside Out – Sculpture in the Digital Age’ is a compelling international touring exhibition featuring 46 miniature sculptures produced in resin using 3D printing technologies, the title is also the theme for the exhibition which focuses on emerging digital design techniques - and features an exchange of objects with Australian artists via the internet. Co-curated by Professor Martin Rieser and Claire Smith (Melbourne University and Art Technology Coalition) , it is showing at Phoenix Square Leicester through September and October 2010. Rapid Prototype production by Guy Bingham

The exhibition is the result of collaboration between the Art Technology Coalition, the University of Technology Sydney and RMIT University in Australia along with De Montfort
University, Manchester Metropolitan University and University College Falmouth, (incorporating Dartington College of Arts) in the United Kingdom.

Exhibition procedural soundwork: Ron Herrema


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