Monday, 29 November 2010

Transdisciplinary Group

DMU Transdisciplinary Group Inaugural Meeting
Time 1:00pm – 4.30pm, Thursday 9th December 2010
Venue: Campus centre

We live in a world of complex systems, of which we only have partial comprehension. From the biosphere to the global economy we lack fundamental tools to understand the complexity of system behaviours. The future of Research must embrace transdisciplinarity if it has any chance of both understanding and ameliorating the Grand Challenges  of the 21st Century.

Impacts on research and subsequently teaching:

·       Strategically DMU has relied heavily on regional recruitment. The new funding regime implies that there will be a sharp fall off in demand from local recruitment and that to distinguish its offerings DMU will need to find a niche, which is attractive both nationally and internationally.

·       Uncertainty is the challenge of the future. Versatility and a broad knowledge base will equip students for the 21st century. This does not mean the end of specialisms, but a new pedagogy to relate several disciplines in the synchronised solving of complex problems

·       Many of us are already working on transdisciplinarity research, teaching and knowledge transfer. This group aims to develop existing strengths and support new initiatives.

Timetable for December 9th

1.0                   Welcome : Professor Sue Thomas, IOCT/Humanities

1.05                    Professor Andrew Hugill, Director, IOCT

1.45                   Professor Phil Moore

2.00                    Action Plan Breakout Session: led by Professor Martin Rieser IOCT/Art & Design into 4

                  Teaching and Transdisciplinarity UG

                  Teaching and Transdisciplinarity PG
                  Transdisciplinary Research

                  Technology Transfer
3.00       Coffee break
3.20                    Plenary chaired by Professor Mohammad Ibrahim, Technology
4.30                   End

For more information please contact:
Prof Mohammad Ibrahim
Prof Martin Rieser
Prof Sue Thomas

Here are some background document links:

Transdisciplinary Graduate Education

Towards Transdisciplinary Education and Learning 

Enhancing Transdisciplinary Research  
by Wiesmann et al. td-net for transdisciplinary research

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