Friday, 20 November 2009

Top: Rhys Davies, Mukesh Randhev and Joe Turner, are showcasing a stereoscopic installation called ‘Shift’ based on visualising sound waves gathered across Leicester

Bottom: Douglas Cawthorne navigates Roman Leicester

Phoenix Square Opening Images 2

Top: Bret Battey and Cube installation cMatrix12

Middle: Phoenix Frontage with Songlines video projections

Bottom: Steve Gibson with EXPLODING PLASTIC & INEVITABLE REDUX (location: Screen Lounge)

Phoenix Square Opening images

Top : General exterior projection view of Songlines by Martin Rieser

GPS Map projection and Phoenix Logo

Douglas Cawthorne and the Virtual Romans 3 reconstruction of Roman Leicester

Wednesday, 18 November 2009


What better way to launch the new IOCT Blog than to celebrate the civic launch of Phoenix Square last night?! The IOCT featured heavily in a fun-packed evening in a wonderful new venue that will provide a permanent public showcase for our research. See the media coverage at:

BBC East Midlands Today (from 10' 5")
Leicester Mercury


Creative Boom

The public launch is on Thursday (Nov 19th) starting around 7 pm. IOCT projects on show include:

Songlines (pictured, this week only)
De Montfort University's Professor of Digital Creativity, Martin Rieser, has created three innovative outdoor projections representing his cycling research project Songlines. The project is based on developing cyclist information on Leicester via a mobile-accessible online wiki. see also

Songlines at Phoenix Square from Martin Rieser on Vimeo.

Virtual Roman Leicester (until Dec. 18th)
A pioneering research project accurately recreating Roman Leicester in an interactive virtual world. This will enable visitors to go inside some of the 3D buildings including the forum and basilica, the Merlin works baths, the Mithraum, and the Temple of Jupiter.

(until Dec. 18th)
cMatrix12, an installation by Dr. Bret Battey (Music, Technology and Innovation Research Centre), immerses participants in flowing waves of visual particles and delicate curtains of sound, using three-screen video projection and surround audio.

Exploding, Plastic & Inevitable Redux

A re-imagining of the psychedelic classic The Exploding Plastic Inevitable, created by Andy Warhol with the Velvet Underground in the late 1960s. The project immerses viewers in a total art experience and is created by Steve Gibson, Senior Research Fellow at the Institute Of Creative Technologies and Stefan Müller, a software architect and post-doctoral research scientist.

IOCT students’ work has also been selected and commissioned for Phoenix Square's launch. None of the Above collective, a group of students comprising Rhys Davies, Mukesh Randhev and Joe Turner, are showcasing a stereoscopic installation called ‘Shift’ created from sounds they recorded around Leicester.

Russell Foxton, another IOCT student, has used the latest touch-screen technology to produce coffee tables for the Screen Café and Lounge. All these students graduated from the IOCT’s Master's in Creative Technologies earlier this month (November).