Monday, 10 October 2011

Major Blog posting on Third Woman Project

The Creators Project has published a substantial critique of the Third Woman project which was originated with the IOCT as a major partner under the emobilart European workshop.

The Creators Project cites it on  a Blog exploring new ideas in Media

The Creators Project was born from a partnership between Intel and Vice. Together the two companies met over a shared passion for art and creativity, and a common belief that there was a better way of elevating artists and supporting new work with them.They say of The Third Woman:
" What is important about The Third Woman‘s interactive component is that it engages its audience morally and intellectually. It goes further than asking them to guide the narrative, but to actually consider the decisions they are making in a larger context of the themes of the film. The film is not only aware of its audience as present, but also aware of them as opinionated, sentient, intelligent individuals. Many times when artists use the word ’interactive’ to describe their work they only mean it to be responsive or performative. It does not take into consideration that the complexity of human behavior offers only a very limited set of options for people to merely choose from. Although The Third Woman still only offers a limited set of choices, what sets it apart is how they seek to generate thought among their audience."