Thursday, 27 May 2010

Networked Music

The first event across the dedicated fibre-optic network
that connects the DMU Cube at Phoenix Square with the
Institute Of Creative Technologies and buildings across
De Montfort University took place today. Four musicians
gathered at three separate locations under the direction of
Professor Andrew Hugill and performed a series of
improvised pieces. The performers were:
  • Andrew Hugill (harmonium,  mbira (thumb piano), mouth organ) 
  • Ximena Alarc√≥n (native American flute)
  • Amit Patel (decks)
  • Neal Spowage (electro-dumbell, electro-magnetic wand).

Technical support was provided by Adam Weikert (DMU)
and Chris Tyrer (Phoenix Square) and the system comprised
the low latency lan chat utility 'mumble' mixed with the
multi-user video conferencing tool 'Vsee', but after this
session will soon be configured using the 16-bit audio
LAN client Jacktrip. This was the first of many such
sessions planned for the future.